Saturday, June 4, 2011

BV 500 Evaporation Canister issues

For some reason people are always having issues with the BV 500 and the Evaporation Canister. Most forums recommend removal of this canister, saying it causes "stalling".

Curious as to why Piaggio would build something into their scooters that would cause them to stall, I emailed Milan at Motorworks Service department, here in Chicago. He gave me this information:

The evap system is installed to catch any over flow of fuel when the gas tank gets over filled at fill up. Whatever would potentially spill on the ground gets collected into a canister. The idea behind it is when you start up your scooter after an over fill, the gas would run back into the carbs, or fuel injection system in your case, and be used up. The problem is, it's to much fuel and the vehicle cannot consume it properly and it tends to make the scoots stall. As the fuel level goes down a bit, it should correct itself, but nobody knows this, so we have quite a bit of vehicles come in for this problem. The evap is an EPA regulated issue hence why manufacturers have to install them. Getting back to your vehicle, I cannot recall if your evap system is currently in your vehicle. If it is running well, I would not concern myself with it. Just remember, do not over fill your gas tank, ( or like we all tend to do with our cars, trying to fill it up to the brim) and you will never experience this issue.

Tru Dat. I never over fill my scooter, especially in the heat. I guess I was doing something right without even knowing it.

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