Sunday, June 5, 2011

Destination Unknown / Sunday Riders

Burger BBQ on Wolf Road in Mokena Illinois..Located next to a defunct gas station

Okay - there are two types of people. People who ride from Point A to Point B and try to get there as quick as possible and then there is the rest of us...

We are the ramblers, the lookie-loos, the curious...and we love to stop and see new places when we ride. Life is about the Journey, not the Destination and it is what we see and learn on the way that we enjoy.

Can Am Spyder anyone? Parked next to us at the Burger BBQ

I wish I could get my Point A / Point B BF to slow down more. As it is, the best I can do is get him to stop at various Dives and Roadside Restaurants. Luckily we stopped at one today.

So I am working on him, slowly. BBQ Beef Brisket on pretzel bread helps!


  1. At least your man will ride with you! Mine hasn't insured his bike and he keeps telling me that my scooter is too slow and won't be able to keep up to his bike. I keep saying I just want to go for a nice leisurely drive along the Beach drive scenic route, the speed limit is lower along this route 30 to 40 kms most of the way. I keep saying so who is in the hurry? Men don't get that we like to stop and smell the proverbial roses and soak up the scenery.

    The brisket looks yummy. We had a picnic oceanside and then went for ice cream afterwards. Now the sun has gone behind the clouds and I think there is a front coming in : ( I am content with going on my own adventures for now.

  2. Right Dar, it sucks that your BF won't ride with you. You can go on plenty of side roads with lower speed limits. Too bad you aren't here. Me and my BF would be happy to ride with you. We have some great rides down some slow side roads. However my BF would get a HUGE ego with two women to squire maybe it is good that you are NOT here! : )

  3. How about getting BF a scooter, too, that would naturally slow him down ;-) Worked for my better half... Well, actually he wouldn't ride at all if it weren't for his Vespa, and I was the one 'down-sizing' to a scooter.