Thursday, June 9, 2011


A while back I had a discussion with my BF and others regarding drivers perception of various colored motorcycle helmets. My BF was of mind that a PINK helmet was required because it was "More Visible" to other drivers and had the instant perception of:

A. Female



So drivers would watch out for me and stay back, figuring I had ZERO skills.

I decided to take it to the streets and ask my peeps their CAGER / CAR DRIVER opinions.

The Survey had an image of 5 different helmets.

1. Black
2. White
3. Red
4. Black and Pink
5. Pink

Under each helmet I posted these 3 questions:

This helmet is worn by a:

A. Man
B. Woman
C. Either

If you saw a rider wearing this helmet on the road your perception of their riding skill level would be:

A. They are skilled with years of experience
B. They have a few years experience
C. They are a Beginner

If I encountered a rider wearing this helmet, I would:

A. Avoid them all cost
B. Keep an eye on them but not worry over much
C. Ignore them and focus on my driving

I am posting the results of the last survey first, since it seems to be the most telling. Because apparently, no matter what color helmet you wear... 34% of drivers plan on ignoring you completely and focusing on their own drive.

Interesting... and also interesting is the Pink Helmet Results... HOLY KRAP! My BF was RIGHT! A pink helmet does get you noticed.

So enjoy my semi-scientific Motorcycle Helmet Survey.


  1. I guess I am glad I have a pink helmet! After my experience yesterday with the cager who pulled out into a turn from a gas station and wasn't even looking at me & wearing the pink didn't make much of a difference. If they aren't paying attention and are distracted by something or someone in their car while they are driving it isn't going to make much difference if you are in pink, black, red, hi-viz yellow, if they don't see you and run you over color isn't going to matter that much. Sigh :(

  2. This is proof, ride like you are invisible.

  3. Yep, riding like we're invisible is the only sane approach. People driving cars are often in a fourth catagory: Ignore and focus on what I'm doing rather than driving.

    Still, like your helmet. Wear it proud!