Saturday, June 18, 2011

Short and Sweet Saturday Ride

You got style brotha!

Today we rode the bikes out to purchase a new smoked visor for my Scorpion helmet. Luckily Fox Valley Cycle had one in stock and instantly changed it out for me. MUCH BETTER. That clear visor was not only nerdy, it was annoying on bright sunny mornings.

What we didn't know is that FVC holding a Bike Wash Rally for a fallen biker so when we showed up, there was a lot of set-up happening. They also had a BIG RUCKUS there which is AWESOME and I sooo wanted to buy it but even tho it had low miles (1600) and in great shape, it was not cheap...$4300.00. Which is pretty typical for a Big Ruckus.

We got the shield, looked at some cool bikes, made a donation, had some juicy watermelon and took off for Doggie Diner.

My BF enjoyed a Polish sausage and I got the Chili Cheese fries. DEADLY! It was a great morning and a fun run.

Polish Sausage with fries.. classic

Chili Cheese fries... hold on to your belly!

So great day so far. Hope your Saturdays are as much fun as ours!


  1. I like the big ruckus, I think it is a cool machine. I sat on one at the scooter rally, it was like a barcolounger on wheels. Looks like you had a geat morning, chillicheese fries yum!!!!

  2. I, too, like the big Ruckus. Sad that they stopped bringing them in.

    Looks like a great Saturday. Thanks for sharing.