Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Favorite Gear This Year

Okay - I love this little bag

If you ride, you don't really want to reach a destination and have to lug around a large purse. Fanny Packs work, but are considered LAME.

A Motorcycle Bag or Motorcycle Belt Bag are a stylish rider's best friend. They clip or hang from your pants belt loops and allow for easy, but secure access to credit cards, cell phones and cameras and lipstick. There are lots of biker purses out there that look, well like these found at: http://www.vendorgirl.com/purses.html

Not a fan of fringe?

How about this?

Not Bad A$$ enough for you? How about this from Etsy.com

Not exactly sending the right image?

Okay, so it doesn't really go with my Harley Davidson jacket...but it's not like my HD jacket goes with my scooter. And it's not the toughest looking purse out there, but you gotta respect the KITTY!


  1. Those are really cool! I have struggled with the whole purse thing since getting the scooter. For awhile there I was lugging around a satin bag that I got in Chinatown, but it didn't have any straps so I constantly had to hold onto it, almost lost it once in the grocery store. I finally bought a Roots cross body bag it is small enough, but again I am lugging it around. These bags (all except for the badass belt thingy- this would make my hips look ginormous) are really cute! Good idea how it hooks onto the belt loops. Hmmm may need to do some shopping.

  2. Yep, I love how easy it is to get to my phone or other stuff. Plus mine never moves. It sits real tight and never twists or flip flops. That is also some thing you need to consider. These bags have to sit TIGHT. And don't worry about your curves... real men love real women and not everyone loves sticks and bones... believe me I KNOW!